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Clean Alpine HDR camera installation for Motorhomes
KIT-R1MHU_Universal-Motorhome-Camera-Housing_angle KIT-R1MHU_Universal-Motorhome-Camera-Housing_dimensions KIT-R1MHU_Universal-Motorhome-Camera-Housing_front

Universal Motorhome Camera Housing for Alpine HCE-C2100RD


The KIT-R1MHU allows a very clean and versatile installation of the Alpine HCE-C2100RD multi-view camera for your motorhome. The mount is completely universal and can be adjusted to achieve the right angle for your camera application. By using UV and weather resistant plastic we can ensure a long lifespan and professional look, that integrates seamlessly with your motorhome. The waterproof seals ensure that no rainwater is entering your motorhome cabin.

This installation is universal and requires to drill some holes in your motorhome hull. Compatible with HCE-C2100RD drive assist camera.

Інформація про продукцію

2 Installation Options

You can mount the kit’s baseplate to the motorhome wall with 4 small screws or by using the long threaded bolt, that servers simultaneously as a cable pass-through to the inside of the vehicle. Both options are fully splash-water proof due to a silicone gasket on the rear of the mounting plate.

Compatible with Alpine HDR Cameras

The most common usage of this camera installation kit is for rear-view camera applications with the HCE-C2100RD. It can also be used for the Alpine multi-angle front camera HCE-C2600FD.

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